Top 10 RPG NDS roms (Update)

Here Top 10 RPG NDS roms my Version :

1. The Worlds End With You

2. Suikoden Tierkries

3. Final Fantasy III

4. Pokemon Diamond

5. Rune Factory

6. Megaman BattleNetwork Pegasus

7. Final Fantasy IV : Revenant Wings

8. Dragon Quest IV : Joker

9. Tales of Innocent

10.  Zoids : Legacy

another list on

all game downloadable at

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29 Responses


    • heres my top 5 DS RPG games..

      Final Fantasy III and IV
      Pokemon SS, HG, Platinum, Pearl, Diamond
      Suikoden Tierkries
      Golden Sun DS (TBA)

      my emulator in DEsmune 0.94

  2. need » emulator to play them!

  3. yes, you need no$GBA2.6 or no$GBA2.6a to play them, you can search download sites at google. ;)

  4. Very cool blog. Final Fantasy III is definitely my favorite NDS Rom.

  5. very interesting site, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence, thanks

  6. LOL!!! I have nds and r4 card, and i dont must have this fuckin no$GBA. Ahhh… and this emulator is laaaaggggiiiiinnnnngggg your computer :P.

  7. Brilliant games every single one!!!!! no$GBA cant compare to the real thing, get an NDS lite with an R4DS its a worthy investment

  8. is your Tales of Innocent is in English language??

  9. no, but i have walkthrough in english…

  10. yeah i agree with you, twewy seriously IS the best!
    i also really agree with your top 7, though i think there should be digimon world dawn and suikoden tiekries instead of dragon quest and naruto… just my opinion, though…

    btw, isn’t it should be ‘Tales of Innocence’??

  11. Hey,
    Worlds End with You Can’t play in No$GBA 2.6a cause some picture hasn’t show it
    so i play with ideas but ideas is bad emulator,
    what should i do if i want to play with No$GBA 2.6a?

  12. check my post no$gba2.6b…..

  13. Interesting website, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence :)

  14. Так и до бесконечности не далеко :)

  15. хун нүг бүипэ гыу й йиүэхуж лйиагйау
    эхун ёйииүэ гибужыэйибвв
    нүг оиүцвв

  16. There is a problem, in the game 7.: Final Fantasy IV : Revenant Wings isn’t Final Fantasy IV, is Final Fantasy XII

  17. you need plugin no$Zoomer for play FF4, The world End With You, etc.

  18. DeSmuME is the best emulator I’ve seen for the DS. Some games need some of the options adjusted, but most of the newer emulators are like that.

  19. i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

  20. MSI laptops look pretty decent, but I’m not too fond of the low res screens. I dont listen on a smaller format, but when you’re at 15″ or higher, I don’t think XGA and WXGA are the way to go.

  21. where’s Chrono Trigger ? I’ve played it on SNES, but the DS’s remake is (still) one of the best game ever made on the earth.. believe it

  22. Dragon Quest is the best ….. he he he :)

  23. .. Dang! So cool, dude! XD

  24. The Best NDS Rooms !!!
    1.Rune Factory 3 : A Fantasy Harvest Moon
    2.Rune Factory 2 : A Fantasy Harvest Moon
    3.Rune Factory : A Fantasy Harvest Moon

    (Also the up coming Rune Factory 4 : A Fantasy Harvest Moon!!!(3DS))

    Rune Factory is the BEST


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